The St. Bernard Annabelle T. Huval Library has been serving students since 2005 when the current building was completed. Our library program strives to create lifelong readers, independent learners, and strong critical thinkers through access to over 10,000 volumes. In addition to assisting with our reading and language curriculum, our library also houses a section that highlights our unique French heritage through both fiction and non-fiction texts. Our students also have access to a wide range of reference resources to encourage them to develop the strong research skills necessary for success in high school, college, and beyond. Through the generous donations of our SBS Family, our students are also able to enjoy the famous "Reading Pit," a miniature stadium-style seating venue especially loved by our early-childhood and primary students for storytime and imaginative play.

St. Bernard School also utilizes the Accelerated Reader (AR) program from the Renaissance Learning cooperation. Students in third through eighth grade actively engage with the program to help support comprehension and fluency skills.

A/R Book Finder

The public library is pleased to announce that they now offer Online Borrower Registration (OBR) via our website. It will allow for someone to register online to get a temporary "Digital" borrower account. User applies via web form (found on a web page loaded on our site under "policies".) Once received by staff, it gets verified by manager for account to be activated. Then it expires in 30 days. Does not allow for any physical checkouts, only to be used for accessing e resources.

Online Borrow Registration