Teacher Wish List

Teacher Wish List

**Gold items have a link attached**

Mrs. Gabby Guidry


Gift card to Amazon,  Target, or Walmart (for classroom supplies)

Felt bible stories

Melissa & Doug

  • Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set (24 pcs)
  • Melissa & Doug Julia Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Pretend Play Set (25+ pcs)
  • Tomons Toy Doctor Kit for Kids = 38 Pieces Kids Pretend Play Doctor Toys with Stethoscope Dentist Model, Medical Doctor Play Set with Sturdy Gift Case
  • Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn with 7 Animal Play Figures
  • Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse with 4 Dolls and Wooden Furniture
  • JOYIN Alphabet Robots

    JOYIN 10 pcs Number Transformers

    Playskool Mr. Potato Head Silly

    Assorted pencils for prizes

    HP INK 240 & 241


    Mrs. Jackie Burdin

    1st Grade

    Gift Cards for classroom supplies (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Visa or Matercard)

    Printer Ink (HP 61 color and HP 61 black)

    Small candy rewards ( skittles, tootsie rolls, Pixy Stix, etc. NO PEANUT BASED snacks please)

    Swiffer Dusters

    Thermal Laminating Sheets 3ml or 5 ml clear or matte (not glossy)  

    White Card Stock (not heavy cardstock) (80 or 90 lb)

    Swingline Optima Jam Free Staples (#35556)

    Small toys for reward chest

    Mrs. Kily Boggs

    1st Grade

    Gift cards for classroom supplies (Amazon, Target, Dollar Tree, Blanchard's, Wal-Mart)
    Printer Ink (HP 61 color or HP 61 black)
    Small candy for rewards (skittles, tootsie rolls, Pixy Stix, etc. NO PEANUT BASED snacks please)
    Thermal Laminating Sheets
    Small Handheld Vacuum
    White Card Stock

    Swiffer Dusters

    Ms. Lori Brasseaux

    2nd Grade

    Canon Pixma MG2522 Ink- PG-243 & CL-244
    Mardel, Teacher Pay Teachers Gift Card

    Ms. Miriam Castille

    3rd Grade

    Class treats (candy, chips, cookies, NO PEANUT BASED snacks please)
    Gifts cards from Amazon and Wal-Mart
    Character-building books for classroom library (3rd grade appropriate)
    A/R Books (3.0-4.0 level)
    Treasure Chest Incentives (Push Pop Fidget Bracelet, Fidget Toy Mini, Sequin Keychains, Ring Pops, Light Up Fidget Bracelets)

    Decorative Paper (Star Stationery, Confetti Paper)

    Bookmarks (Cactus Made Perfect, Cactus)

    Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener

    Pencil Grips (Colorful, Soft Cushion)

    Battery Operated Stapler

    Desk Stapler

    Dry Erase Boards (class set)

    Airwick Plug In Refills

    Mrs. Denielle Savoie

    3rd Grade

    BULLET TIP Expo markers (multiple packs/black and assorted colors)

    Bouncy Bands (Class set of 24 wanted, but any are appreciated)
    Division Machine
    Magnetic Fraction Tiles
    Gift card from Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Blanchard's, Mardel's
    Class Treats for Candy Jar and extra treat days (no peanut products): cookies, chips, juice, Smarties, Blow Pops, Skittles, M&Ms, Laffy Taffy, Starburst, etc.

    Mrs. Haley Robicheaux

    4th Grade

    Gift Cards: Target, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers
    Class treats (candy, pencils, cookies, etc)
    Step stool
    Essential Oils
    Neon Cardstock
    laminator pockets
    Mini tool kit
    Black storage bins
    Swiffer wet mop
    Learning answer buzzers (amazon)
    Sheet protectors
    Rolling storage
    3 tier rolling cart
    File organizer
    Colorful Sharpies

    Mrs. Tonia Durio

    4th Grade

    Class treats (smarties, tootsie rolls, dum dums, starburst, etc) (no peanut products)
    Gift Cards from Walmart, Target, and Amazon
    Sweet Grace flower diffuser
    Sweet Grace scented wax bar
    Swiffer duster refills
    Colored sharpies
    Ink Joy Gel Ink Pens

    Mrs. Marla Broussard

    5th Grade

    Dry Erase Marker (Bullet Tip)
    Classroom pull down map of the world/ United States
    Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator (TL1306)
    Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 11.45 x 17.48-Inches, 25-Pouches (TP3856-25)
    Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 5 Mil Thick for Extra Protection, 100-Pack, 8.9 x 11.4 inches, Letter Size Sheets, Clear (TP5854-100)
    White cardstock
    Colored cardstock
    Gift cards to Mardels, Walmart, Amazon

    Class set (30) of Pieta Prayer book

    Variety of tiny prayer booklets for students to read during Adoration

    Amazon Plug Ins

    Pencil Sharpener

    R.S.V.P. ink pens

    Stapler (5)

    Graph/Grid Paper

    Loose Leaf Paper

    Under Desk Drawer Attachments

    Cable Clips

    Privacy Shields for Testing

    Paper Mate Liquid Paper DryLine Grip Correction Tape

    HP 910 Black Ink for Printer

    HP 910 Cyan Ink for Printer

    HP 910 Magenta Ink for Printer

    HP 910 Yellow Ink for Printer


    Mrs. Crystal Caillier

    5th Grade

    CAXXA 3-Tier Rolling Storage Organizer with 3 Small Baskets and Handle - Mobile Utility Cart with Caster Wheels (White) / Amazon (4 wanted)
    Furmax Office Desk Leather Chair / Amazon
    NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels/84in Panels/White / Amazon (4 sets wanted)
    Paint/Painter & Wall Filler for classroom walls: Light Grey Color
    Colored Sharpies
    Ink Joy Gel Ink Pens
    Air Wick Plug-Ins: Summer Delight/Fresh Linen Scent
    Essential Oils: Peppermint/Eucalyptus Scent
    Assorted Candy: Any candy free of peanuts (Hershey Chocolate Bars, Air Heads, Skittles, Laffy Taffy, Starbursts, M&M's, Suckers, etc.)
    Gift Cards for Classroom Supplies: Amazon, Wal-Mart

    Mrs. Nicky Kupke

    Junior High Science

    Gift Cards will be used for lab materials (Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar Tree)
    Brother Ink LC201 OR LC203

    Mrs. Misti Guidry

    Junior High ELA

    Gift card from Amazon, Wal-Mart, Mardel's, Teachers Pay Teachers
    Essential oils
    Movie theater boxes of candy (no peanut products)
    Individually wrapped candies (used for incentives)
    Colored Sharpies
    Colored Poster Markers
    Lead Pencils
    Paint (Light grey) & Painter
    Papermate Flair Medium Point Felt Tip Pens (assorted colors)
    Air Wick Plug in air fresheners

    Mrs. Destiny Labbie

    Junior High ELA

    Echo Dot

    Comfy/squishy kitchen mat to put near computer/podium

    Organizers (ex. buckets, bins, etc.)



    Candy (no peanut products)

    Gift card from Office Depot, Teachers Pay Teachers, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

    Highlighters (any color)

    Mini Flashlights (25/30 pack with battteries to go with them)

    AAA batteries

    AA batteries

    Wireless keyboard & mouse

    Essential Oils

    Swifter Handheld Duster and Refills

    Advent Wreath

    Door Bell

    Bouncy bands for desk

    Stability ball chair

    Mrs. Betty Comb

    Junior High Math

    Gift cards to Blanchard's, Amazon, Walmart, Teachers pay Teachers
    Rolling drawer cart
    Wireless mouse
    Reward treats (no peanuts)
    Multicolored sharpies
    Multicolored Expo markers

    Mrs. Marguerite Guilbeaux

    Junior High History

    Candy for rewards, no chocolate or peanut products (laffy taffy, smarties, dum-dums)
    Gift Cards to Wal-Mart and Amazon

    Mrs. Melissa Huval

    Junior High Religion

    Colorful card stock
    Gift cards to Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target, or Blanchard's

    Tape Dispenser


    Bags of reward candy (no peanuts)

    Mr. Christophe Juillot


    Gift cards (Walmart, Amazon)

    Mrs. Danielle Caillier

    Technology/Religion/Computer Lab

    Laminating Sheets

    Mr. Billy Greig

    Algebra Teacher

    TI 84 Graphing Calculators (Class set-15)

    Coach Cameron Kirzner

    PE Teacher

    Playground balls for recess (footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, outdoor basketballs, and kickballs)

    Ms. Meesha Castille

    PE Teacher

    Playground balls -volleyballs, soccer balls, junior footballs, kickballs, foam/sponge balls, mini basketballs, kickballs Amazon gift cards PE Equipment (gophersport.com) -Mobile mini basketball goals -Action Block em -Action 4 point play -Action Drive n dunk -Action SturTee -Action Stick

    Rainbow Medium-Density Fleece Balls

    Spot Marker Set- 9" Round- 6 Colors

    After-School Care

    Super Duper pencil sharpener
    Dry erase markers
    9 x 12 dry erase boards
    Movies (rated G) cartoons,
    Playing cards
    UNO playing cards

    Ms. Jamie Monette

    Director of Student Services

    Custom Made Sound System Cart for storing and hauling sound equipment
    Theatrical Lighting (stage floodlights, follow spotlights, etc.)
    Climate controlled storage building to be placed on a slab behind DSS office with garage door for easy access
    Performing Arts Auditorium/All-Purpose Building (to hold 500-750 people)

    Mrs. Brandy Aube

    Art Teacher

    Gift cards (Amazon, Blick Art Supplies, And Walmart)

    Mrs. Gena Thibodeaux


    Amazon Gift Cards (for new books)
    Target and Walmart Gift Card (for colors, coloring books, and new toys)
    Toys for kids to use during visits to the counseling office.
    -Action Figures (Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, GI Joe)
    -Dump Truck, Four Wheeler, Fire Truck
    -Barbie Dolls & Baby Dolls